Floruit (2010)
floruit (interactive installation, Sinebrychoff Art Museum, Helsinki 28.10 – 31.12.2010)

By bending or blowing the flowers made of silk, the visitor could made an aleatory montage out of the moving image fragments that were rolling as loops in the screen. The structure referred to the Romantic art, philosophy and esthetics, building a bridge between the thought and art in early romantic/modernist period and the era of the new digital media. According to Friedrich Schlegel the absolute – the whole – was possible to grasp only by the endless connections of individual perspectives. “In art work it is possible to connect different fragments of reality into open dialogical constructions. This searching, if any, is the living tradition of romanticism found in contemporary art” (researcher of philosophy and history or art Veli-Matti Saarinen about my work). Technical assistant: Jukka Hautamäki.

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