1960, Iisalmi
Visual Artist
Kuusamakuja 4 C 23, 00320 Helsinki
Artist’s Statement 

The need to find a visual form for my thoughts and feelings is the source of my art. The working process is a way to think: through the materialness of my artistic work I’m able to reach a dimension that would, without my labor, remain unknown. The elaborate technical execution is thus part of the mental process.

My works can be divided into three groups: appropriated imagery, documentary paintings and mental images. All these approaches are different forms of visual thinking. The works of mine that comment on visual culture emphasize that images aren’t born in a vacuum. My art works are part of an infinite chain of images. In my documentary paintings, the central themes are absence and the passing of time. Mental images suggest what my way of being in the world is. Briefly, through personal and universal imagery I’m picturing my existence.

A recurring theme in my art is the relationship between words and images. When we want to understand the images of other times we need keys for their interpretation, namely texts. In my art I have wanted to make visible the idea that we see images through writing. But at the same time, the images themselves declare that there are also forms of thinking that words cannot describe.


tempera on canvas
60 x 50 cm,