1953, Karttula
Graphic Artist/Printmaker
Leivont. 11, 48220 Kotka
Artist’s Statement 

My art is a journey to nature, a shift from light towards dusk. I trod in nature with my senses open and collect different moods. The delicate moment between light and dusk, the vibrant luminescence of summer and the first touch of morning before the day sets in, all inspire me. The early autumnal glow of colour and the blind darkness of November that follows it, allow me to find solace in the small moments of light. With the open starry sky hanging overhead, I only need to reach out and I can almost touch it and in the moment of it, I make a wish as I see a shooting star passing by. I want to incorporate all these momentary moods in my work.

As I work, I prefer to utilize the classic forms of graphic art. Etching, aquatint and wax engraving are my tools of trade. In working with graphic art, I’m fascinated by the reverse nature of it, the multi-layer quality attached with it and the surprise element embedded in it. One could say that graphic art allows you to take a view of an implicit mysterious world and record it for all to see. I also construct installations in a given space, utilizing a wide variety of different raw materials mixed together with light and sound. I love to work with my hands, to be able to feel and grasp the material. It is wonderful to control the space, to create a moment of thought for the audience, a feeling that the present is right here and right now and we must not pass it by and waste it.


2013, etsaus, akvatinta, 40x60