Jaakko Tapani Pernu

Jaakko Tapani Pernu

1958, Kälviä
Sculptor, environmental artist
Kälviäntie 12, 68300 Kälviä
+358 40 5640454
Bio    Artist’s Statement 

Jaakko Pernu is a Finnish sculptor and environmental artist living in the city of Oulu, He has been working since 1988 with natural materials - often in an oversized scale. Lately he has been working mostly abroad creating many public works around Europe and in Canada as well. Half of his production is not permanent environmental art although he makes indoor objects and installations, too. The theme of his working is: The influence of human on nature – the influence of nature on humans.

“My art works are usually playing with some contradictions or anti-thesis such as: light combined with large, external basic form combined with internal coincidental material, transparent lucid form combined with solid structure, irony/humour combined with fine art, intuition with refined hand work and so on. Especially I like to make site specific art works”.


Environmental art project, Valle de Bravo, Mexico - 3/2016

Landart in Alingsås, Sweden - 5/2016

Group exhibition, Small Gesture Show Budabest, Hungary - 7/2016

Solo exhibition, Galleria Orton, Helsinki - 2016

Environmental art project, Festival Les Boréales, Ranska - 11/2016

Hour Glass, 2015
Valle de Bravo, Mexico
material: wood+screws
height 5 m