1938, Suomussalmi
Visual Artist, painter
Mannerheimintie 47 A 13, 00250 Helsinki
Bio    Artist’s Statement 

Rauni Sipilä was born in Suomussalmi in northern Finland and now lives and works in the capital Helsinki and also in the country in central Finland. She is a M.A. from Helsinki University (1963) and studied visual arts in the Free Art School of Helsinki in 1977-1982.

Rauni Sipilä has exhibited regularly in Helsinki and other cities since 1985. In Helsinki there have been solo exhibitions for example in Gallery Duetto, Gallery Katariina, Gallery Johan S. and Gallery BE19. Among co-exhibitions are the Finnish Artists´ yearly exhibitions, regional exhibitions and the exhibitions of the Union of the Finnish Art Associations.

At the moment Rauni Sipilä mostly works with oil. Her colorism is based on pure, often strong colours. While basically abstract, suggestions to open spaces, water, plants and other subjects and experiences referring to nature can be sensed in her works.

Rauni Sipilä is a member of the following associations:
Finnish Painters´ Union
Helsinki Artists´Association,
Nordiska Akvarellsällskapet,
Finnish Watercolour Society


The Element of Water, 2012, 140x120, oil