1969, Multia
Sculptor, visual artist
Loilantie 107, 42800 Haapamäki
Artist’s Statement 

My sculptures are mostly combinations of observations from nature, current mood and thoughts.
The third element in my works is the concept of time bound to the stone.
Now this is the endless playground which is unlimited amount of pictures on my way from birth to death, bindings of visible and invisible in granite.


At this moment I'm working on a commission for the city of Jyväskylä. The sculpture will be placed into the park on Moirislampi near the music campus.
The deadline for the sculpture to be finished has been set for the May of 2012. It looks like it will be ready to be placed in winter 2011.
The sculpture consists of three large granite pillars.
Working title for this project is "Shadows".

Kuva näyttelystä "Kainin jalanjäljillä" Saarijärven taidemuseo kesä 2016.
(Veistos viittaa kuudenteen sukupuuttoaaltoon.)