1955, Perniö
Visual Artist
Töölönkatu 29B25, 00260 Helsinki
Artist’s Statement 

About my work
During the years, painting has been my chief working method. I often use pigments in my painting. The core of the works is composed by colours and painting technique.
“ The landscape” that inspires my paintings derives from the life passed, memories and their subconscious processing different kind of questions come to surface at different phases of life. Looking has always played a major part in my life, and this is where I find building stones for my work. Sometimes I perceive my paintings as movement of mind and memory, sometimes only as form and colour. At the same time there may be several things revolving around my head, perhaps my paintings are reflections of this movement.
Space, reflections, colour, feelings, otherness, and concern of the global state today form also the starting point for my enviromental pieces of art. When taking part in enviromental art exhibitions, I often used mirrors. The main idea has been to bring forth of nature and life as fragments and reflections


Working at my studio for next year summer exhibition

30 x30 cm, 2011, acrylic & pigments