1955, Helsinki
Pursutie 32, 04260 Kerava
Bio    Artist’s Statement 

Merja Ranki
Sculptress and ceramist Merja Ranki graduated from the University of Art and Design in 1998. The active artistic career with exhibitions of sculptures and installations in different materials started in 1981. Mastering several materials and being inspired by them the artist entitles herself as a material adventurer. In her works she combines the reality and dreams and the conflict between them. The visual characteristics of her works could be described as a smiling surrealism where conceptual art is served with laughter. On the other hand her works seem to have a happy resemblance of pop-art. During the regent years she has been studying the theme cloud in her works as a symbol for the dreams as well as different moods of the mind. Besides the more romantic view the cloud can also be representing something of the real world: a reference for the climate change.
Merja Ranki works in the artist communities Studio THETIS in Kerava and in Studio SAVEA in Helsinki. The artists of the SAVEA have been displaying their art under the name MATERIALISTS. The emphasis for Materialists is the artist’s relationship with the used material – clay. Their way to use their material is experimental; shifting in the areas of design and visual arts. Their work is a combination of contemporary art’s conceptual contents and the traditional knowledge of material in ceramic art. The artists talk about contemporary art based on material.


2011 FBD Järvenpää training Center: commissioned public artworks for the new KUNTOLA-building
2011-2012 Vantaa city: commissioned public art works
2012 February Pares I Filles, Fathers and Daughters, Jaana Brinck, Merja Ranki ja Outi Turpeinen Centro Cultural La Casa Elizalde Barcelona, Spain

The work consists of thousands ceramic knots. Life seems heavy sometimes. The depression can give a shelter, a dark cover to heal again.