1964, Porvoon mlk
Sculptor, visual artist, media artist
Bio    Artist’s Statement 

I grew up on an island in the south of Finland. After a few years of sociology studies, I realized that I wanted to become a visual artist and went to art school. I have a BA in sculpture and a MA in "context and digital media". During the past fifteen years I have participated in numerous exhibitions and other art happenings in Finland and abroad. My works are presented in different contexts from traditional gallery exhibitions to events with direct audience interaction. One of my permanent public art works is a playable sculpture, the Omphalomin, which is placed in a park in eastern Helsinki. For one year now I've been working in a youth project in eastern Helsinki where I use VJ (live video mixing) and traditional stop motion animation as communication tools with young people. At the moment I'm studying documentary film making. I live and work in Finland, Helsinki.


The Omphalomin is an interactive sound sculpture. Mixed media, height 80 cm.

The Omphalomin is a permanent outdoor sound sculpture. It was commissioned by the Helsinki City Art Museum 2006 and it is placed in a park in eastern Helsinki (Rekipellonpuisto, Vesala).

The sculpture is made of stainless steel and creates sound through optical sensors, which react to the movement of the hands of the player. My inspiration for this work was the theremin, one of the first electronic instruments (1919) and designed to be played without being touched by it's creator Léon Theremin.