1955, Helsinki
Porekuja 5 A 10, 00870 Helsinki
Bio    Artist’s Statement 

Juha-Pekka Inkinen
1955 Helsinki
Lahti Institute of Design, photographer 1986
My works are digital prints.

I am known by many for my exhibitions presenting abandoned houses: Long and beautiful friendship, as well as Morality/Morals and architecture 1,2 and 3. I have also published a book named Morality and architecture.
There are two main themes in Inkinen\'s productions: State of society and time, that all pieces touch upon in one way or another.

2005 Fractures of Life, group exhibition, Kiasma, Helsinki
2006 What”s Up North, group exhibition, Oulu Art Museum
2006 The Protected, solo exhibition, Galleria Hippolyte, Helsinki
2009 Book: Punk is dead, long live hardcore ,LIKE
2010 The Origin, solo exhibition, Galleria Hippolyte, Helsinki
2011 The Origin of Species, solo exhibition, Lasipalatsin galleria, Helsinki
2012 Book. The Origin


How the Thing Are
2014-2016, work in progress

I am photographing homes that are enourmoysly full of things. I have excluded patological cases and normal collectors.
I visit homes, that are faraway from standards. Although the dwellings I have found are full of things, there is no chaos, but the things are in good order. Everything has its place and history but together they form peculiar universe.
Visually dense universe.
Homes are full of furnishing solutions , that challenge you to wonder, what is their motive.
I try to catch Wow- effect. I exhilarate about homes, where decoration runs riot, and which serves you something surrealistic in these times of rationality. The key issue is not thing but abundant relationship on furnishing.

Hey Life
2014-2015, work in progress

The series Hey Life consists of collages, made of old DIY postcards, photographs and ordinary postcards from the beginning of the 19th century. I've tried to find an absurd perspective on issues.
I am interested in the imperfections of history, slip ups, and the past running riot and celebrate the trash of history.
As a visual artist I take the role of historian, who works without words or sources. The collages are a sneaky peek into the past.

” The past is a strange country, everything is done differently there.”

2014 How the Things Are