1954, Pello
Visual Artist, painter
Apollonkatu 13 E 59, 00100 HELSINKI
Artist’s Statement 

My artistic work is based on the long artistic processes, which can last many years. So I may work in different places as well as in countries for the certain whole of artworks. My last solo exhibition WONDERLAND was at Art Hall of Porvoo in the end of the year 2017. I wrote about it as follows:

"My paintings have a connection to places in different environments. My work in these places could be characterized as a study of the experience of being in an environment. The place as a concrete entity and the experience of a spatial dimension are intertwined. This is the starting point for my analysis, and it applies to all kinds of environments, making any traditional categories, such as city versus countryside, impractical."

"My painting process shows how places and spaces undergo adaptation and motion in the
course of time. I have studied a variety of environments, and the paintings in this exhibition
bring them together. Concentrated observation and probing are present as an important element in all my paintings. Each painting composes itself slowly, layer by layer and part by part."

The artist residency Cité des Arts in Paris has played important role in my artistic work. I have stayed there in the years 2007, 2009, 2012 and 2016. Especially I have concentrated there to examine city spaces and places, which has been the main theme in the artistic project called CITY PLACES, PARIS - HELSINKI (2009-2015). Working in Paris has encouraged me to realize my artistic insight. I like to emphasize the meaning of independent artistic thinking and solutions in visual form and in this case in painting.

My artistic medium is mainly tempera painting. Along side the working process paintings develop unexpected way and may finally be consisted of many parts and have a quite large size. Transparency of tempera color gives the opportunity to keep the painting process open and the work is getting its form stage by stage.

I live at the artist house of Lallukka in Helsinki.


At the moment I am working to complete the doctoral theses based on my artistic project "City Places, Paris - Helsinki". I do artistic research.

There was a solo exhibition called WONDERLAND at Art Hall of Porvoo 17.11. - 10.12.2017. For the exhibition I worked in Paris during springtime 2016. The exhibition was part of Finland's hundred years celebrations.

There was a solo exhibition ECHO OF TIME at Gallery Teijo 4.6. - 16.7.2017 in Salo.

SUBREAL - a solo exhibition was presented at tm•gallery 22.4. - 10.5.2015 in Helsinki

View on the exhibition WONDERLAND, Porvoo Art Hall, 2017, Porvoo