1940, Vilppula, Suomi
Visual Artist, painter
Kuutamotie 10 F 6, 05810 Hyvinkää
+358 40 5770000
Artist’s Statement 

Painting for me is a journey and an adventure into unknown lands, in which new paths keep on opening.Or it is getting lost in a big and strange house, in which one always finds new doors. I can choose where I go and which door I open. I can go back and go in a new direction. The possibilities are endless.

The surprising things in the journey are emphasized through my chosen technique, watercolour. My interest towards watercolour was awakened partly through the possibilities that lie in this technique, as well as challenges and the rewards expected through these. Water and pigment often react in an unexpected way with each other due to the changing factors in the way of working. The final result is influenced by e.g. the proportion of colour and water, their relationship to one another, quickly changing wetness of the painting surface and the surrounding temperature. The coincidence takes and gives, and this has to be reacted quickly.

My pictures often move between the abstract and realist. The themes arise out of my inner world and experiences. They change in my mind to sometimes unidentifiable forms. My works can be interpreted in many different ways. The viewer sees into the inner world of my pictures in his own way through his own unique world. Every interpretation is equally right.


2017, 105x104 cm