1966, Tampere

Käenpolku 5, 37830 Viiala
Artist’s Statement 

Petri Kiviniemi (born 1966, Tampere, Finland)

Petri Kiviniemi is a sculptor. He has been exhibiting his works activity since the year 1994 in Finland and abroad. His works can be found in many collections. Petri Kiviniemi`s sculptures often contain compilations of machine parts and ready-made materials. The technique to create his works are welding and different plastic and metal castings . Sometimes he connect painting and sculpture in the form of assemblage. His current works deal with the human being and her or his relationship to changing society, and the dressing up as art of "development" and innovation. His robot sculptures and the giant abacus sculpture are a good example of this.


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Public Work, Kaukajärvi Library, Tampere