1961, Elimäki
Visual Artist
Rantatie 97, 04310 Tuusula
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Artist’s Statement 

My works bring together the political and the poetical. I create contradiction by paralleling contrasts. Lightness faces
the oppressive, beauty meets the grotesque, humour and melancholy are intertwined.

My general theme is man's relation to the other, or the external reality. The characters and situations allude to power
relations, the viewpoint being that of the object of the use of power. My recent works deal with justice, equality and
violence as well as over-consumption of natural resources and constantly growing mountains of waste. I create dystopian
images and bizarre fables featuring animals and other animate or animated creatures – yet the absence of man
emphasizes the blindness to the consequences of one's actions, a denial of the inevitable, escape to the role of an

I work on a multidisciplinary basis – the content of the work determines the approach and choice of medium and material.
My works are videos / animations, installations and mixed media works.


2017 | HD-video 16:9 | 00:08:23 | Vimeo:
Cyr wheel: Armas Lintusaari