1981, Helsinki
Visual Artist
Artist’s Statement 

Pekka Parviainen's works deal with man's relationship with nature. A genuine dialogue and the desire amongst the parties to understand one another is missing. We demand too much from the earth.
Other species live on the conditions set by the environment. Why can't humans do the same, who calls himself Homo sapiens sapiens, a wise wise man? We are part of nature, we even speak of human nature. Can't the nature within ourselves, tell us how to live in harmony with the environment?
Pekka Parviainen’s works entail recurrently the idea of life’s finiteness. Change of seasons, growth and wilting are manifestations of mortality as well as rebirth and continuation of life.

Parviainen’s main technique is painting with oil colours, but during the last couple of years he has also been working with lithographic techniques.


30x35 cm
Oil on canvas