Niina Johanna Lehtonen Braun

Niina Johanna Lehtonen Braun

1975, Helsinki
Visual Artist
Rosenthaler Str. 71, 10179 Berlin


Helsinki By Night- Out of Sightseeing

Directed by: Pasi Mäkelä
Sound Design: John Saivo
Performances: 27th, 28th and 29th September 2011

Engine\'s low hum, heating device, random fragments from stereo, speeding in the dark lights ... HBN-OOS is a drive to the border of dream and waking state. It is a stripped down version of Reality Research Center\'s earlier HBN.

The tour focuses on the subjective nocturnal Helsinki and suggestive observation. Star of presentation is reality.. Instead the subject being monuments, historical main streets and architecture, the focus is now allocated to non-interesting city\'s attractions, like the backyards of service stations, peripheral dark streets, parking lots at swimming areas, autumnal bushes by the sea ... City\'s periphery combines with the edge areas of mind, creating the viewer an opportunity to be safely suggested to the dark side of consiousness.

This performance gives its viewer a different view of this Northern European metropolis. It offers a quiet observation platform of consciousness and external reality and their subtle deformations.

Co-production with Circus Maximus