1946, Heinola
Visual Artist, painter
Vaijeritie 12, 01640 Vantaa
Artist’s Statement 

I step into a boat, rowing slowly. The route is thought out in advance, the boat glides on and arrives at the destination. My voyage is unpredictable, tumultuous, calm, desperate, but always an experience, unforeseen and unforgettable, in the end.

I love the world of colors and lines, it's like space, endless with all possibilities. I immerse myself in new experiments without setting any limits on the content or form. What comes, it comes. Painting and drawing are my passion, something that I won't give up.

My work often stems from the contradictions of nature and people, and contradictions between them. What can we do to foster life so that it won't be destroyed? How could we see the small richnesses of our daily life without having to lose them first?

Most of my painting is abstract.

My studio is located in Espoo, Finland. Especially in summer I work in Koski village in Perniö (Salo, Finland), where the landscape and nature are so endearing.