Installation Artist, sculptor, visual artist, conceptual artist, land artist, other, performance artists, painter, installation artist, photographer, public artist, environmental artist
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Artist’s Statement 

My artwork

Researching and experimenting is important to me. As an artist I am to work with a broad perspective, multidisciplinary and scientifically using different techniques combining them and recently even "without techniques".
I am interested in what evolves from different interactions.Inner and exterior world,materials, colours,group,people, nature,space, time etc.I feel that the best could happen in my art is that I can reach via inner and exterior dialogue something invisible which also all the others can feel.
Being present in this world and in my life with open eyes and open mind, I see and experience the little and big miracles of everyday life that I wish to share with other people.
During my artistic career I have been taking a part in different kind of group exhibitions, had private exhibitions,made performances, taken part in different projects as a leader and a participant and also have taught art.


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Shop Till You Drop 2016


Materials: a trolley and plastic waste found from a shore