Graphic Artist/Printmaker
Hietamäenrinne 5, 39500 Ikaalinen
040 5725922
Artist’s Statement 

I create art, draw, paint and make graphic print series with etching technique.
The rhythm of the line, the power and the fragility of it are my eternal challenge. The surface in its color and light is the most beautiful thing I know.
Sensitive akvatinta-areas and pure mass of oil paint are the materials I use to create the picture; the light, the darkness, the joy, the melancholy, the distant and the intimate; the space and the atmosphere and the episode.
Most favorite subject for me is human. A special moment, the feeling of joy and the story behind it.
Lingering slavic melancholy is a part of my pictures, even if it is only a line of thoughts that gives the pictures a new content over and over again. The picture lives.
Welcome to my studio to get familiar with my work and my art. Call me to arrange the best time for a visit.


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