1946, Rautalampi
Visual Artist, photographer
Rakuunantie 9 B 21, 00330 Helsinki
Bio    Artist’s Statement 

Sorva, Antti
Education in arts: self-educated, some courses in digital imaging

Artistic expression: mainly by photography but by drawing and sculpturing, too.

Main exhibitions 2006-2013:

2013: Kotiin (Back home): Globalized knowledge: does it advance mutual understanding and peace - or just accurate delineation of enemies? Laterna Magica, Helsinki.

2011: HumAnt Studies - by The Task Force Group of Research Ants. An ant-made study on Man and human nature. Hippolyte Gallery, Helsinki.

2011: Stories of Homecoming 1-9. Pigment ink prints. In the Annual Exhibition of the Association of Finnish Camera Clubs, Winner in the competition "Photographer of the Year 2011", Candidate in the Fotofinlandia 2011 Competition. Helsinki, Finland.

2009: Nature Trails into Human Mind. Kuusamo XIV Nature Photo (invited exhibition). Kuusamo, Finland.

2009: Human by Nature. In The 20th Anniversary Festival Exhibition series of Laterna Magica (invited exhibition). Helsinki, Finland.

2008: Soul in Blue 1-5. Winner in the competition "Photographer of the Year 2008". Exhibition of the finalists in the Fotofinlandia 2008 Competition. Helsinki, Finland.

2008: The Fifth Element - Images of Human Nature. Galleria Luova, Helsinki, Finland

2006: Feeltures - Pictures of Human Nature. Laterna Magica, Helsinki, Finland.


Evaluation (2013), pigment ink print