1977, Rovaniemi
Installation Artist
Ahkiomaantie 12 C 19, 96300 Rovaniemi
Bio    Artist’s Statement 

Huhmarniemi Maria was born in Rovaniemi in 1977. He is a graduate of the University of Lapland, Faculty of Arts (2002) and has worked since her graduation in variety of projects and as university lecturer. During 20011-2012, she works as a leader of international program Masters´s in Applied Visual Arts.

Her artistic means of expression are installations and photography. Her works have themes such as intercultural communities and people's relation to environment. Background research includes interviews, documentation and collection of evidence, and is a prerequisite for her art.

Huhmarniemi is a postgraduate student at the University of Lapland. Her first exhibition that was evaluated as a part of her dissertation, dealt with one endangered butterfly species that threatens to disappear because of construction of new hydroelectric power. The second part dealt with values and meanings related to forest berries. The written part of her doctoral thesis deals with collaboration of eco-activism, contemporary art and science.

The main exhibitions in recent years are:
Halikko Green Art at Salo Art Museum, 2011
Lapland! Lapland Kemi Art Museum exhibition, 2011
SilvrettAteljee Symposium and Exhibition in Austria, 2010-2011
The Barents Ideal Cities project, with Timo Jokela, Murmansk, Rovaniemi and Tromsø, 2009
Berry Tours exhibition Arktikum, 2011.

Maria Huhmarniemi is a chairman of Artists' Association of Lapland. She also belongs to the Artists' Association MUU and to the Finnish Bioart Society.


Maria Huhmarniemi works as a leader of new program, The Master’s Degree in Applied Visual Arts. The program aims to integrate artistic skills as well as practise-based and scientific knowledge to create ecologically and ethically sound experience environments, services, and art productions that are based on the cultural heritage and traditions of the area and its people.

Various Durations of Time is a series of installations made from old and used coffee cups. Figures that I have formed from cups represent short passing moments. Thus the form of a Maltese-Cross (Lychnis chalcedonica) and a Peacock Butterfly (Inachis io) are some sort of vanitas symbols in the installation. Cups that I have used are from different decades from 1920 up to the present. By selecting cups that represent the design of their time I try to highlight the repetition of short durations and the presence of history in this moment.