1962, Helsinki
Visual Artist, media artist, painter, installation artist, sound artist
Henrik Sohlbergintie 25 A 1 , 00640 Helsinki
041 518 18 54
Artist’s Statement 


I use painting, photography, video and sound in my works and installations. In the installations, and in works related to space, an essential element is transparency. I consciously mix different levels of rational and meditative thinking; combining the intellectual and emotional in art fascinates me.

In my recent productions, installations and the use of moving images are emphasized.
Man’s corporeality, quality of experience and direct relationship with the world bring about tensions which I explore in my works. The world of a human mind, consisting of psychic phenomenon like memories, touches, dreams and perceptions, thoughts and emotions, are the elements of my art.

The experience of the layered structures of the mind and simultaneous levels of psychic functions demands a transparent method of representation, which facilitates the illustration of different elements of multidimensional reality in one piece of art. This is my intention in installations where I associate strongly corporal video material with sound and photos.


Young Mind (v. 2010).

Kaksikanavainen videoinstallaatio, monitori ja projisointi. Amme, peilikaappi ja teksti.