1981, Kaustinen
Visual Artist, media artist
Artist’s Statement 

As a visual artist and a director (MFA, BA in Media Art), I work with moving images in the fields of film industry, theatre, visual arts and television. I use film and archive material to create documentary films and cinematic video installations. The themes of my works are often political, covering questions of power and control, the structures of propaganda and latent violence, for example. My works include dance-like qualities: my intention is to construct the films in a way that they give the appearance of a dance of images, the handiwork of a choreographer. I am also interested in the pictorial properties of film – the film as a spatial painting.

Currently I study in MA Choreography program in Trinity Laban, London.



Showroom Berliini

Video & sound installation

*** INVITATION - Opening Thursday 10th December 2015 6-8PM in the presence of
the Artists. Snacks & drinks. Warmly welcome! ***

”Along the night
Vague, uncertain words are mumbled
Half-baked acts take place
While weather hits the ground, trees and roofs
Someone might be watching”

As a visual artist and documentary film director, Anna Nykyri (MFA, b. 1981, Finland) works with moving image in the fields of visual arts and film industry. She uses film, video and archive footage to create montage-like documentary films and cinematic video installations. Nykyri's cinematic works have been screened in various museums, galleries and film festivals. At the moment, to extend her practise into contemporary dance, Nykyri studies MA Choreography in Trinity Laban, London.

Helsinki-based artist Antti Nykyri (MA, b. 1976, Finland) has worked with sounds and music in several contexts such as installation art, sound art, contemporary dance, application design, interface research, theatre, electronic music, artistic research and university level art education. During 2015 his artistic practice is funded by Arts Promotion Centre Finland. Recently his works have been exhibited at the Venice Biennale, Gwangju Design Bieannale and Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space.

The video footage has been realised in close co-operation with choreographer, dancer Maija Nurmio and editor Maria Haipus. The archival footage has been shot by Johannes Malmi.

Showroom Berliini is a new contemporary art space and an artist collective situated at Checkpoint Charlie, in the heart of Berlin.

Its mission is to promote and exhibit Finnish and international contemporary art by artist management, organizing solo and group shows, dj / movie nights and talks on contemporary up-to-date topics. SB hosts and curates various events. Started as a co-funded gallery in 2014, it hosts many prominent group and solo exhibitions by young and upcoming artists. The founding of Showroom Berliini was supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland in 2014. Its main sponsor is Ikahu Ltd in 2014-2015
address: Checkpoint Charlie
Charlottenstrasse 95, inner yard 2.OG
Berlin-Kreuzberg, Germany