1976, Helsinki
Visual Artist
Bio    Artist’s Statement 

Mirimari Väyrynen
born 1976 in Helsinki, Finland

Artistic debut in Finnish Artists Exhibition in Kerava Art Museum in 1995.

Väyrynen lives and works in Helsinki. She graduated in 2001 Turku Arts Academy, Finland and as part of her Bachelor of Arts degree she also studied in National Academy of Arts Joaquim Tejada in Santiago de Cuba in 1997-1998. In 2013 she graduated at the University Aalto Helsinki with Master of Arts degree.

Väyrynen demolish and rebuild Landscape. She examines landscape; it’s social, political, cultural and time related significances and contexts and approaches the subject through the position of human being in relationship with the nature and the world.

Väyrynen works with painting and installations and she has exhibited her works in both in group and individual shows in various countries in Europe, United States and Cuba, e.g. in the Kunsthalle Helsinki, CentroCentro, Madrid, Spain, Contemporary Art Museums of Málaga and A Coruña, Spain, Kic -Nord Art German and New York Now! -exhibition, United States. She has also been awarded with several Art Prizes in Spain.


La Méduse, L’Oeil de Poisson, artist residency, Québec, Canada, Sept.-Dec. 2014

Solo exhibition, Gallery Korjaamo Studio, Helsinki, Finland, 2015