1957, Rovaniemi
Yliopistonkatu 58 B, 33180 Tampere
+358-(0)40-7166 979
Bio    Artist’s Statement 

born 1957 in the Artic Pole, Rovaniemi FI
1986 graduated as a photographer from the University of Art and Design/ department of photography in Helsinki FI
and 1986 as MS from the University of Helsinki/ Ecological zoology.
Specialized on camera obscura -techique.
Dozens of solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions both in Finland and abroad.
Art works acquired to many collections.
In 2000 The State Award for Photography.
Besides the photographic work made many public Camera obscuras with photographer Petri Nuutinen.

CAMERA OBSCURA has been a theme in many of my projects over the past two decades. By this technique I have been able to capture into the one and same photograph with one long exposure the interior of the room and the external landscape´s reflection. The photographs in my camera obscura series "Interior/Exterior" and "Speaking House" are both charting of the living environment of a human being and of the landscapes of the mind: reflections of thoughts, dreams, fears and reveries.

Governors Island, New York U.S.A (2011)

Amos Andersson Art Museum, Helsinki FI (2011)

Turku Castle FI (2011)
Rovaniemi Art museum FI (2011)

Fotogallerie Wien, Austria (2009)

Meilahti Art Museum, Helsinki FI (2009)
Galerie photo du Póle Image HN, Rouen, France (2009)

Arc en Réve, Centre Architecture, Bordeaux, France
Overbeck Gesellschaf, Lübeck, Germany (2007)
Musee des Beaux-Arts, Caen, France (2007)

2012 "Inner landscapes" exhibition catalogue, text by Veikko Halmetoja and Riitta Oittinen
2010 "I am", artist book.
2006 "Speaking House", exhibition catalogue, text by Harri Laakso
2002 "Camera obscura: Interior/Exterior", photobook, text by Janne Seppänen
1993 "The eyes of the Fingertips are opening", photobook, poems by Leena Krohn

– latin for dark room –
is a phenomenon where light passing into a dark space through a hole or lens forms an upside-down image of the view outside.
Scientists, artists and philosophers have used this phenomenon for centuries in their work.


TR1 Taidehalli, Tampere
photographs, ceramics, video
together with ceramic artist Tomoko Kurahara & Satoko Sai
21 Jan - 19 Feb 2012

Tampere Art Museum, Tampere FI

MAZZANO! 20 years for art
25 Nov 2011 - 5 Feb 2012

Gallery Ibis, Vaasa FI
25 April - 3 June 2012

Tampere Hall, Winter Garden, Tampere FI
29 Feb - 18 March 2012

Herbarium /Papaver croceum, unikko, 2010
88 x 83,5 cm (sis. valkoiset reunat)
pigmenttivedos Hahnemüle Torchon kuitupaperille
puinen vitriinikehys