1962, Kerava
Visual Artist, painter
Koskenpääntie 47, 42300 Jämsänkoski
040 9131661
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Biography (3.8.2016)

Ilona Rytkönen was born in 1962 in Kerava. She lives and works in Jämsänkoski.

The most important motive in the art of Ilona Rytkönen is people, but not only for documenting them. She is fascinated by realism with little symbolic and mystical characters in the paintings atmosphere. She likes to paint something more than real life has. Also a light in her paintings is very often like showing the way to freedom and hope. It means that the solution is already there. If you do not see the light point, the atmosphere in the painting is somehow waiting. Perhaps there is a person who has fallen into his memories.

Ilona Rytkönen has chosen her color palettes quite monochromatically, which may create to the art work unreality level, and so would offer to the viewer more imaginable thoughts.

The finnish Art critic Hannu Castrén has defined her art style as Magical Realism.

The main technique to Ilona Rytkönen is oil painting, but sometimes she uses pastels, ink, pencil and woodcut.

Since 2003 Ilona Rytkönen has had several solo exhibitions. She has also participated in several group exhibitions in Finland and foreign abroad such as Brazil, Japan and the United States (Sweden end of the year 2016).

Rytkönen started her profession as a painter and a contemporary artist in 2004 after finishing The Study Line of Visual Arts in the Institute of Orivesi. She has also studied in the Open University of The University of Art and Design Helsinki (Taik), in The Free Art School Helsinki, in The Pekka Halonen Academy and several other art courses since 1978. The most recent study was Course of Portrait by Finnish Cultural Foundation, in 2011, in Turku.


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öljyväri pellavalle, 41x38cm, 2017