1955, Tornio
Visual Artist
Eteläinen Hesperiankatu 30 A 3, 00100 Helsinki
Bio    Artist’s Statement 

Liisa Kanerva née Lehto, was born in Tornio, Finland 1955. She grew up in Northern Finland and was involved in art from a young age. Already as a teenager she participated in several important exhibitions of Northern art: (1973) View of the North touring exhibition arranged by Finnish Academy of Art and Ars Arctica, Rovaniemi Art Museum, Finland; (1974) Nordkalott –[Cap of the North] –exhibition, Luleå, Sweden and Art of Lapland Exhibition of the Lappi Province Art Commission at Wäinö Aaltonen Museum in Turku, Finland

Kanerva currently lives in Helsinki and works mainly as an artist and sometimes as a historian of architecture. (She is a docent of the history of architecture in Aalto University and has the Degree in Architecture at the Oulu University and PhD at Helsinki University of Technology, Department of Architecture. Also she had studied history of art and architecture in Italy, at the University of Florence.)

The body of Kanerva’s art works consists of different objects, paintings and drawings. She uses various methods and combines different materials. She delights experimental work, prefers strong lines, vivid colors and hidden meanings.
Her solo exhibitions have been in the Brinkkala Gallery, Turku, Finland (2012) in the Salo Art Museum , Salo Finland. (2010, 2007) in the Galleria Taidepiste, Helsinki Finland (2000), in Barberino val d’Elsa Art Museum, Florence, Italy (1988) and in the Kemi Art Museum, Kemi Finland (1976, 1974, 1972)


acrylic paint on canvas, 75 x 100