1966, Helsinki
Visual Artist

I was born 3.10.1966 in Helsinki and completed school in Vantaa 1986. I studied medicine in Helsinki University and simultaneously visual arts in Orivesi college of arts and after that in Art School Maa in Helsinki. I'm married with two children who are now adults. I live in Vesivehmaa at a small farm. I have participated in several group and solo exhibitions and I'm a member of Artists' association Muu and several local Artists' associations. My works are presented in the collections of Helsinki City Art Museum and Finnish Art Foundation.

I studied mainly painting during my art school years, but as a professional visual artist I have concentrated in photography. Still, my point of view is much that of a painter; colours and light are important aspects in my works. Recently I have also started to modify my photographs by adding drawn elements, combining pictures to make collages of just simply by changing the colour balance.

I'm interested in the structure of the reality and in the definition of it. What means the notion that something exists? In my pictures I often combine elements from nature with more imaginary objects, obscuring the difference between reality and fantasy. Trough visual art I try to point out relations between dreams, fairytales and the so-called reality.