1954, Hämeenlinna.
Sculptor, environmental artist
Ilmattarentie 13, 00610 Helsinki
Artist’s Statement 

Pertti Kukkonen
does use traditional bronze as a material in his sculptures; however, his versatility as a sculptor continually makes him search for novel media. Kukkonen has proven that alder, often looked upon as waste wood, or even more notorious concrete can be transformed into most elegant materials when carefully worked. In addition, Kukkonen’s versatility shows not only in his materials but also in the scale of his sculptures, which range from medals to monuments. Even the display methods used for his art works vary: they are mounted on pedestals, displayed on the floor or appear as the floor itself, on the wall or as the wall, indoors or outside. Kukkonen’s works can be interpreted in many ways. Despite this – or perhaps even because of it – a re-visited theme in his work appears to be the universe: falling stars, the dizzying endlessness of space, and a deep, striking sensation that while the cosmos is vast and incredibly spacious, we are so privileged to be able to gaze at it, ponder upon it and live in it.

Pessi Rautio


Sininen Hahmo,
Kuparibetoni 2011
kork. 220 cm