1969, Espoo
Sculptor, visual artist

Custom artwork

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Näktergalen Satakieli / Nightingale

Year: 2009
Technique: Mixed media

location: Toukoranta Sesam-kortteli, Toukolankatu/Pariisinkatu, Arabianranta, Helsinki, Finland architecture: Arkkitehtitoimisto Stefan Ahlman Oy
commisioned by: Helsingfors svenska bostadsstiftelse, OP-Eläkekassa, Förbundet Finlands Svenska Synskadade rf, Stiftelsen Svenska Blindgården, Samfundet Folkhälsan  rakennuttaja constructor: Bostads Ab Sesam i Helsingfors, Bostads Ab Samse i Helsingfors

Satakieli Nightingale is situated on and under a pedestrianramp that leads to a Swedish quarter school and kindergarten in Arabianranta, Helsinki. The building also houses Förbundet Finlands Svenska Synskadade r.f., an association for the visually impaired and a school for visually impaired children. The Foundation for Environmental Art's delegation stated that specific reasons for awarding the art work were it’s multidimensionality and its close connection to both the architecture and the usersof the building. "The work connects small, intimate details beautifully to large scale spaces. Its elements - printed branches and silhouettes of nightingales in the glass of the pedestrian ramp, the winding stone path under the ramp, the bronze nightingale sitting on the back of the bench and H.C. Andersen's tale "Nightingale" on the panels by the bench - are delicate and inspiring both visually and conceptually. This multi-faceted piece that marries different materials forms a fluent dialogue with architecture and the environment. The subtle, even romantic work does not try to replace authentic nature, but reminds us of its non-existence. The art work, in its multiple visual elements, is like the song of a nightingale, resonating vividly in the solid building” Press info 19.2.2010 on The Certificate of Honour for Environmental Art 2009 by Foundation for Environmental Art

Photographer: Hanna Haapakoski, Karri Kähkönen, Riikka Latva-Somppi
Näktergalen Satakieli / Nightingale Näktergalen Satakieli / Nightingale Näktergalen Satakieli / Nightingale

Ensimmäiset hetket / First Moments

Year: 2005
Technique: mixed media

Malmi church, Helsinki Finland Community art project image transfers, engraving and metel lead on glass, metal Installation, dimensions variable

A communal art project based on photographes of babies born to Malmi community taken by the parents of the newborn babies.

Photographer: Laurene Bois-Mariage