1956, Karhula
Kuvataiteilija, taidemaalari
Näsiätie 7 B, 01300 Vantaa
050 3089886
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My Dream

I Am Sure Novalis Visited this Place

I Like the Silence

How Big Is this Flower

When the Morning Comes

Fairy Tale

By the River

Spirit of Tartu

Spring in Tartu

Lets Party

Some Other Place

An Evening Walk

Strange Places

Some other day

Could I Have this Last Dance

I Feel the Lightness

I Can Find an Easier Path

I Found a Red Rose

Once Upon a Time

Into the arms of this mist

Every Morning is Different

Buona notte

I Want to Tell You a Story

Only One Kiss

In this room

The evening is the sanctuary of sorrow

Set in stone

Give me some cotton candy

Fiori di bosco


Suonava blues nel bosco

Una piccola luce

Il nascondiglio

La forza dell

Sul giro della serata

Le rovine